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Feeling GOOD!

MAN. Scale came down to 154.3lbs today. Water is dropping like hot cakes!!! Admittedly I didn't drink as much yesterday as I knew I'd be sitting in a classroom for 3 hours last night... so that weigh in was dry - but still good to see.

Looking like it's gonna be closer to 20lbs to take off for the stage, instead of 30 - so I'm feeling way more confident in my ability to tackle prep in the time-frame I gave myself (without having to get too aggressive).

Solid leg day today - strength is coming back up after nursing a glute strain for a couple of weeks (although I played it super safe on hip thrusts). PHEW.

Back in my groove and feeling FINE!

Hunger is non-existent which is the most surprising thing this week for me... I figured I'd feel that macro drop a lot more than I have been.

Can't complain!

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