Welp - today was a shit-show.

Fully intended on rounding out today's macros with a meal from a restaurant (chicken and veg and rice or similar).... but to be honest, I've been going NON-STOP on no sleep since I stepped foot off the plane.... with about ZERO time to eat (managed a quick lunch at subway and got some VEG in me at least!) - I just got to my hotel, showered the last 24 hours of travel off me - and I can't be F'd to go back out for food. It's not happening.

SLEEP is taking priority tonight.

Pitiful macros but it is what it is. I got in ENOUGH protein through out the day to feel OK with this.

Tomorrow I'm back on track and - hey, one day out of 100+ days ain't gonna do a damn thing, especially at 15 weeks out...

So on that note.


(Life happens)

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