Road Trip!

Super long - but an awesome day!

Seeing the athletes up on stage for the Leigh Brandt Muscle Classic today was motivating as F. Smelling the tan, hearing the crowd cheer - the fire under my ass has been LIT!

Stuck to my pre planned and pre packed meals - hit up a workout at West Coast Iron. Not worth documenting since I just F'd around on cool toys the entire time (this gym has so many neat machines). I did a lot of unilateral leg work - single leg ham curls, single leg press, single leg extensions, kick backs, and on and on... it was a good time, but off my regular plan. Legs were trembling after!

Once in a while it's nice to shake things up.

Up at 4am this morning and it's 9:45pm now - just walked in to the hotel room, getting a final meal in and then off to BED. Up early again tomorrow to make my way back to Vic.

I am POOPED - gonna sleep like a baby tonight!

Can't wait to get back and dive back in to another week of prep! Time is ticking away - 12 weeks out now. Dunno whether to be excited or scared ... so for now I'll stick with excited :P

Catch you on the flip side!

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