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Cardio DAY

Solid 90 minute hike with the pup earlier today followed up with 60 minutes incline MISS on the treadmill at the gym this evening. Not really intentional, honestly I just wanted to creep on my dude while he was lifting....

Now that's motivation to get to the gym :P Steps are off the chain today!

Feeling really good - but the HUNGER is kicking IN. Felt totally drained from yesterday's leg session, even with a 7.5 hour sleep behind me, I'm still dragging butt today. Hungry, tired and recovery is starting to decline... depending on how lifts go tomorrow (if they suck) it might be time to start thinking about a refeed.

Progress has been on point and I'm holding steady at 146.8lbs the last 2 days - so that drop is staying put. HAPPY about that.

I'll likely wait on that REFEED to see where measurements and progress pics have me this week - but it's on my radar.

Today was a great day! Still feeling good despite being tired and hungry this week.

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