Off to a Solid Start

Monday done and dusted - busy day with work, but I managed to get in for 60 minutes of medium intensity cardio this AM. Got a good sweat going and did a roll/stretch after (I've been trying to stay on top of mobility through out this prep and it's helping with soreness/recovery - at least in my mind it is :P )

I've DECIDED to drop my macros slightly this week - carbs are coming down 15g and fat is coming down 5g. I feel like I'm on point and on schedule but I still have a good chunk of fat to lose off my glutes/thighs and I want to make sure I'm staying on schedule.

I'd rather be ready for this show EARLY than scrambling at the end to dial it in ... so this is my effort to do just that.

Cardio will stay on point and steps will remain high this week - next move is adding MORE cardio but at this point, I'm comfortable dropping macros in lieu. Slight adjustment - doubt I'll feel it.

We'll see how it goes and take it from there...

Early to bed so I can get another solid sleep under my belt - excited to LIFT tomorrow (I hate rest days!)

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