Officially a MASTER

WELL! Here we are - it's my birthday! Today marks the day I official become a Master - so I'm able to compete in both the Open and the Master's categories at the show! This is exciting - cause it means MORE stage time and more opportunities to medal!

I took yesterday evening off of tracking hence NO blog entry. I started yesterday with a horrible workout though - one of my worst. Didn't even get through. My body was just not cooperating - everything hurt/burned and I was having the most horrific muscle cramps I've ever experience in my life. I certainly was DUE for a REFEED and I could FEEL that.

Hit my regular macros through out the day and then went out for a nice REFEED with my man in the evening. We went to this cute little Italian style restaurant downtown ... I ate a good chunk of bread (best focaccia EVER) and a half portion of scallop linguine (garlic sauce). We finished with a slice of carrot cake and a slice of SKOR cheesecake. TO DIE FOR.

Lemme tell ya - as refeeds tend to do - it BREATHED life in to me. I felt so good today... crushed my leg workout and my body is feeling like it's had a hard reset.

Ready to take on the rest of this prep like a boss - and good thing too 'cause I'm gonna need to pick up the pace with fat loss right through to the finish. This is gonna mean less food and more cardio likely SOON.

Didn't bother weighing in today as I knew it would be up as a result of the refeed. I'll check measurements on Saturday and take it from there...

6.5 more weeks to make this goal a reality... here we GO!

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