Went in to today's leg day thinking I was going to smash it out of the park - given I took Saturday OFF. Felt great through my cardio and then hip thrusts - PR on those, YAY - but blew it on leg press. Major quad tweak in my first set...

I need to learn to temper myself... and warm up a little bit better / focus on mobility.

Leg press has been the bane of my existence the last week...

Scaled the weight WAY back and just did some high rep work / calves....

Not happy - in fact, it kind of ruined my whole day - and I ended up packing it in before my session was over (skipped RDL's which I'll have to make up for later in the week). My legs NEED to come in so having to scale back on leg days really gives me anxiety... I can't afford to be f*cking around with injuries right now.

Here's hoping a bit of time between now and my next leg day (Saturday) works a little magic.

Busy day with work - and once again, the day has slipped through my fingers.

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