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3 Days.

Carb load began today! Just bumping carbs up to 200g today - and we'll see how I'm looking tomorrow and go from there. Thinking tomorrow will be 4-500g depending... I'm pretty depleted at the moment but I'll get in the gym for a quick upper session tomorrow aft to see if I can get a pump and how long I can hold it - and then make the final call from there.

Carbs are definitely being felt though - I suddenly feel alive again and feel like my brain is working.... able to tackle tasks and mood has already improved.

Magical magical carbs!

Got my hair done today - slowly getting things ticked off my to-do list.

Hopefully by tomorrow afternoon I'll be all set and able to chill out in the evening, muster a good sleep... Friday I'm planning to do a whole lot of nothing until the athletes meeting/tan.

Movie on the couch with my feet up most likely! Usually Friday is my travel day to shows so it's really nice having the convenience of an in-town show... much less stress, preparations etc involved... plus I get to sleep in my OWN BED?! It's gonna be good!

On to the next - almost therrrrrre!

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