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12 Weeks Out: Recap

Here's a look at my week in it's entirety (up to mid-day Sunday):

All in all - this was a successful week. The workouts are straight up ROUGH - as in, they're making me ALL KINDS OF SORE. I'm trying to keep activity levels high with lots of hiking - as a result, my feet are blistered to the core right now... Today (Sunday) I opted for cardio on my exercise bike instead... hopefully the feet have a chance to heal so I can get back to hiking next week...

I've always said hiking is like meditation for me - it's a chance to get some fresh air, clear my head - and just BE - without the madness of the world going on around me. I enjoy hikes a LOT - and it's always been my preferred method of cardio - now more than ever!

Macros have been on point; however, I'm HUNGRY these days. As you can tell, I'm eating the same thing day in and day out - for the sake of simplicity. Keeping it fairly basic - eating the foods I know will fill me up the most (lots of VEG!)

I'll give more of a breakdown of macros, cardio, workouts etc in next week's vlog - in a nutshell though, I will say this is the lowest amount of food I've been on this far out from a show - with a lot more cardio... it's looking like I'm going to have to dig pretty deep this prep... I'm game.

Inches are moving along nicely and I had a little drop on the scale this week - so I'll be leaving everything where it is for next week - rinse and repeat and hopefully things continue to move here.

Everything is still up in the air with the show - haven't heard anything about gyms re-opening (and I'm sure they'll stay closed for at least another couple of weeks) - taking it day by day, as that's all anyone really can do right now!

On to other week - LFG!

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