Eating Forever...

I felt so full and satiated today - I just hit the perfect mix of meals and meal timing - pretty pumped! Having 2 eggs as a snack in the afternoon (between lunch and dinner) is a game changer.

Didn't feel hungry at ALL today! Or maybe my hormones have just calmed the fuck down LOL!

Started off my Saturday with a quick half hour on the stairs to make up for the cardio I missed yesterday. Felt great! I don't know how people tackled cardio before Youtube though... I love watching Vlogs as I step - makes the time fly by!

Also - finally tried out "The Beltsander Brownie" which - if you don't know is the holy grail of macro friendly desserts.

Here's the recipe if you wanna give it a go:

--> 25g of Whey Protein Flavour - Chocolate is best (I had to use whey as my vegan brand of protein doesn't work with this recipe - I'm sure I'll pay the price later #bloat)

--> 10g of Cocoa Powder

--> 1/2 Tsp of Baking Powder

--> 4 Tbs of Almond Milk

Mix all ingredients in a mug and nuke it for 60 seconds (actually 30-45 seconds probably would have been better as mine was on the dry side.)

I topped mine with Coconut Almond Butter which was BOSS - but probably just as great plain.

Macros: P21/F3/C11 and Fiber 2g

Will definitely be making this one again soon! Hits the spot!

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