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Ohhh Winter. Did it to me again.

My car is still suffering from the Winter blues - had to bus it to the gym for my cardio session today. In true Kait Cavers form - it ended up being a 4 hour journey.

I'll quit my whining though. I got my cardio in (300 cals of MISS) and that's what counts.

Busy Monday with client check-ins! Days like today, I have to remember to stop and eat - or I get so caught up with my to-do's that I forget.

I know right - who forgets to eat?

Silly me though - I went to the store to pick up some more broccoli slaw (I'm out!) and forgot that stores are all closed today - Family Day.

Had to shuffle some macros around and make-do with what I have in the fridge. No broccoli slaw for me today. My fiber is paying the price. Usually I hit 40g or above. Today - 22g :(

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