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Unlike traditional Personal Trainers, when you hire me as your Coach - I'm yours all day, every day!   


What does that mean? It means you have access to me whenever you have questions, whenever you need a little extra push, and whenever you need to vent. 

Need a Friday night locker room pep-talk? I'm here for you. 

Have a question about a menu item when you're out for Sunday brunch? Ask away! 

Just set a massive PR in the gym and want someone to share in the celebration? Let's PARTY! 


You don't just have access to me for an hour a few times a week. You don't just hear from me once a week by email. I don't just send you a program and skip town...

I am HERE - always - and just a quick message/email away.


Furthermore, you'll also gain access to my private, unique, online community of athletes, each with their own individual set of fitness goals. 


It's here where we celebrate each other's triumphs and encourage each other through struggles. We also share diet HACKS, recipes, critique form videos, run mini-challenges, contests... and MORE! 

Many of my clients also reach out to each other for extra accountability and become life long 'friends in fitness'. 


You won't find another team quite like mine! 


What's included:  





Nutrition tailored specifically to you – Macro Plan (IIFYM/Flexible Dieting)



Daily accountability and formal weekly check-ins (individualized data tracking sheets provided)



Training regimen tailored specifically to YOU and YOUR goals + available equipment/time constraints/loves/hates



Cardio Instructions tweaked as needed (based on your progress)



Training and Nutrition tweaked as needed (based on your progress)



Access to me anytime you have questions or need help - via messenger or email (24/7/365) **



Access to Coach Kait's Team Hub - a private Facebook group for my clients only - where you'll find recipe

ideas, tips and tricks, help with exercises, form checks, contests and endless social support!

** Response time varies, but always within a 12 hour period

Please shoot me a message HERE to inquire about prices! 

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